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All olive oils are not created equal

The annual global production of this aromatic vegetable oil is almost 3.5 million tonnes, with around 75% being produced in the European Union. Olive oil is extremely popular and the industry a lucrative one. This unfortunately leads to violations in terms of origin and quality declarations. We will be pleased to help with the quality control and assessment of your olive oils.

You receive:

  • a detailed evaluation of the quality of your olive oil, containing all key information
  • outstanding value for money
  • feedback usually within 48 hours of us receiving your sample

Comprehensive quality control

Testing an olive oil sample using near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) determines the age, remaining shelf-life, identity, possible debasement, quality characteristics and aroma profile of the product. As a result of our experience in the analysis of olive oils, we are currently the only laboratory in the world to use NIR spectroscopy in this way. Furthermore, we also have the capacity to analytically determine the origin of olive oils (including blends) with a very high statistical probability.

A range of private and public institutes, as well as numerous testing bodies, already rely on our analysis services. Simply fill out an analysis request form and submit a sample of your oil(s).