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Get more from your vegetable oil!

Plant-based deep-frying oils and boiling fats are subject to chemical and physical transformation throughout the production process as a result of oxidation and thermal stress. In order to successfully stabilise vegetable oils and ensure consistent quality, both of the factors influencing fat degradation need to be addressed equally. Many well-known plant-based and synthetic products counteract either oxidation or polymerisation. Only Maxfry® produces a wide range of comprehensive solutions. These not only increase thermal-oxidative stability, but also improve the performance of the deep-frying process. 

Distributor benefits

  • local oils, instead of imports from overseas
  • lower levels of harmful substances
  • nutritionally good oils with long shelf life
  • increased margin potential
  • more flexible choice of oil
  • genuine added value brings greater customer loyalty

User benefits

  • significantly longer life (50% upwards) due to decelerated degradation
  • higher, consistent product quality due to improved heat transfer
  • fewer harmful substances (e.g. up to 40% less acrylamide) due to effective suppression of degradation processes
  • cleaner deep-frying equipment, with fewer deposits

Maxfry® for deep-frying oils

Maxfry® Classic nat. is vegetable-based, allergen-free and contains no synthetic antioxidants or genetically modified ingredients. It does not alter the taste, colour or clarity of your oil product. Using Maxfry® Classic nat. minimises the risk of off-flavour batches and extends the shelf life of the food product.

Maxfry® for oils in fried pastry production

The products in our Maxfry® Classic nat. range have been designed for the specific application of frying pastries. Like the standard deep-frying additive, it is plant-based, allergen-free and contains no synthetic antioxidants or genetically modified ingredients. Due to oxidative degradation being more dominant during pastry frying processes, the formula of this product has been specially adapted.

Maxfry® – an anti-splash solution

Oils used in frying pans should splash as little as possible. This improves user safety, as well as generally making frying easier. The risk of fat splashing can be minimised with Maxfry® Spritzstopp. Specially designed for use with rapeseed oil. No additional declaration is required.

Maxfry® for the hospitality industry

Mamito, our distribution specialist in the hospitality and catering industry, provides an efficient solution for food service professionals and system caterers.  It includes the high-performance Mamito Kombi developed by Maxfry® for plant-based deep-frying oils, as well as an automatic dosing system. The Mamito System, which increases quality and lowers costs, is distributed exclusively by Mamito GmbH.