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Tailor-made support

Our products are the result of intensive research and close relationships with our customers. For the vast majority of applications, they are 100% fit for purpose. However, we are also able to customise our products based on your individual needs and specifications. We are also happy to advise you on the following topics.

Application-based oil and fat solutions

We help develop a customised solution for your oils and fats, depending on your product(s) and unique specifications. We can also break down existing oils and fats of unknown composition into their different quantitative components, providing you with an effective tool for controlling incoming goods and their quality.

Customised analytical parameters

The legally prescribed parameters often fall short for effectively assessing the quality of deep-frying oils and fats. We will be happy to offer advice on this matter and liaise with you to determine the analytical parameters best suited to your specific needs. We can carry out comprehensive screening analyses of your deep-frying oil samples on request. You receive the detailed results of the analysis, including notes on the evaluation, if required.

Optimisation of production processes

We analyse your production process and identify potential threats that could compromise the quality of your deep-frying oil. By analysing oil samples taken systematically during your operations, we are able to precisely map your production process and the chemical change processes that take place in your deep-frying oil. We then liaise with you to develop solutions that will eliminate possible shortcomings.

Please contact:

Dipl.-Oec. Alexander Gertz
Managing Director

+49 (0) 2331 – 39 69 71 0

Dr. rer. nat. Christian Gertz
Research & Development

+49 (0) 2331 – 37 32 13 7