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Numerous general questions about our products are listed and answered here for you. Of course we will also be at your service at any time for personal counseling.

Are the additives licensed for use in food products without restrictions?

Yes, all products sold by us have been classified as non-hazardous. Only such ingredients are used as have been licensed for use in food products within the EU. Here you will find the Certificate of Compliance.

What are the ingredients?

Our compounds contain mostly vegetable oils, emulsifiers, plant extracts, citric acid and extracts of natural origin with a high tocopherol content. For detailed lists of ingredients, please refer to our product data sheets.

What declaration duties exist for Maxfry® products?

No general answer can be given concerning the necessity for declarations. It depends on the individual product and its application. You will also find this information on the data sheet for each product.

Do the products contain genetically modified materials?

All our products are manufactured without any genetically modified ingredients in compliance with the regulations (EC) No. 1829/2003 and No. 1830/2003.

Do the products contain allergens?

We guarantee that all our products are allergen-free.

What is the best-before date for the products?

The shelf lives of the different products vary. They generally range from six to twelve months. Please refer to the product data sheets for exact details.

Who uses Maxfry products?

At present, our additives are mainly used in the production of vegetable oil products. Many currently available high-performance deep-frying oils, frying oils and other oil products are based on additives and expert knowledge from Maxfry®. The additives are also used in food production. There, they are used directly in the production lines to give the oils used more stability and to achieve a more consistent performance. In the (franchise) hotel and restaurant trade, we are present with an overall concept specially developed for this industry, consisting of additives and application hardware. Further information on this topic is available here.

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