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An anniversary make-over!

We may be getting on a bit, but we’ve lost nothing of our get-up-and-go! For the past two decades, Maxfry® has been producing high-performance plant-based additives for oils. We are long-established specialists in this field and have also developed an olive oil analysis service – the only one of its kind on the market! We think it’s high time this success story was presented in a new light!

Good for food

We don’t just want to talk about what we do any more – we also want the world to know what we’re able to achieve! Our new corporate tagline communicates a promise that focuses on the very pinnacle of all our efforts. It’s catchy, concise and appealing. This change of strategy ultimately requires a new image, complete with an expressive new logo, appealing imagery and content that clearly gets our message across.  
Despite all the changes, however, one thing will still stay the same. When it comes to oil additives that get more out of your oil, we’re your first port of call – and always will be!

Let us solve your next challenge! We look forward to receiving your feedback and enquiries.

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